gurlondrums (gurlondrums) wrote in graphic_frenzy,

*First Co-Mod Post*

Wee, hey everyone. This is my first post, because I haven't been home in like 3 days, hehe.

First of all, I'd like to thank you all for joining and I hope that more will want to join because this seems like it could be a great place. The only way it's going to get bigger (including adding more graphics) is if you help us out and promote. It's not a requirement and we're not going to disembowel you if you don't, but it would be very helpful.

With that said...

I have a separate journal where I post all my graphics and such. It's gurlondrums_inc. I usually just post everything there and link to it from my other graphics community. All my colorbars can be found here. All my icons can be found here. I have Friends Only banners but I haven't posted them yet. Also, I take requests of any kind, at any time.

And once more...

I ask you to please, please, please promote. The moderators can't do it all on their own. And please be active if you join. If you have any trouble with anything, feel free to contact myself or one of the other moderators.

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