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A Contest please enter =]

O.k. I have some news...


We are goin to be having a contest

*+Here are the rules and the information+*


--Rules And Information You Need--

You will be making a colorbar or banner. There will be a winner for both. I will have a follow up post with the winners and the unscreened comments. The theme is Flowers.                                                            Be original. This is a broad catagory so have fun with it.

I am goin to screen the comments so nobody can get ideas from the other entries.

You have from today [June 25] to friday [June 30]

Here are the rules...

1. don't steal other peoples work. it's not fair.

2. Promote at another community when you post please. We still only have a small amount of members.

3. Fill out this form please


Anybody need to be credited for the pictures?

Where did you promote us at [please provide a link]?

What program did you use to make this?



Please enter this contest. It will be good for the community. We can grow with the promoting and if you win you will be put in the userinfo. =)


This is for my co-mods

You have to help me with the judging of course. If you have any other rules that need to be added please edit this with them. Thanks =) And if you want to enter you can, but tell me so i can temporarially take you off the mod list so that you won't be able to see the other entries. Thanks again =)


Have fun with this =]


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