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Graphic Frenzy
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We make everything you could want here. Friends Only Banners, Icons, Banners, ColorBars, Layouts, and just plain graphics
We are a small community and need to become bigger so if you would could you please promote us at some other communities
If you want the best quality, then you need to get us up and running =]
Because YOU are a maker too. =D


There aren't many rules in this community so bear with us.

1. try to promote our community around with the banners we provide

2. post often. one person cannot make everything =]

3. be nice to the other members

4. rudeness will NOT be tolerated!

5. credit the maker unless they state otherwise

6. you CAN advertise in other communities here. we understand they need to get more publicity too

If you do not follow the rules you will be banned=(

Anyone who wants mod access needs to see me, your mod


Here is a banner to promote us by =]

Join us=]
Created by graphic_frenzy

Join us=]
Created by graphic_frenzy